Render and 3D graphics mades for J.Vizcaino architects.

  • 3D images show the outcome of a loft, created from the drawings and indications provided by the architect. This technique allows a better communication of the ideas between the architect and the  customers, it’s also a great tool to improve and refine the final design.
  • In this project we also printed a scale model as a tool  for the study of shapes and volumes and helps the costumers visualize the architectural design. 3D printing reduce time and money spent on creating architecture scale models.


3D graphics and renders Tech.

  • Modeling of architectural space.
  • Incorporation of furniture and textures.
  • Day and night lighting.
  • High resolution render.

3D printing tech.

  • Printing material: HIPS plastic-Z.
  • Maximum print size: 205x205x190 mm.
  • File format: .stl
  • Software: Blender and Z-Suite
  • Cost: 30€


Jacint Vizcaino Architects.