Estudi Dojo is a design and 3D animation studio. We are specialized in immersive architectural visualization (VR), visualization for industrial design and 3D printing of prototypes and models. We help architects, real estate developers, industrial designers and other professional profiles to generate 3D graphics, to highlight the most important attributes and attractiveness of its projects, locations or designs. We are currently working with Unreal Engine and Unity3D to create interactive environments, this software supports the Oculus Rift helmet and Google Cardboard Glasses.

3D Images

3D images show faithfully any design, whether it is an architectural construction, the interior of building or an object.


The animation generates a video of the possibilities of one or more objects in motion, as well as any type of action in a scene.

3D Viewer

The 3D viewer allows the visualization of any product in a dynamic and easy way through an application.

360º Images

360° panoramic images offers the possibility to look around a 3D model.

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality Technologies creates realistic and interactive 3D architectonic spaces.

3D Printing

3D printing offers the possibility to make a design tangible, providing a scale model or a physical prototype.